Referenties, Lezersgetuigenissen

Prof. Dr. Alfred Warrennier, KULeuven

"Wieland's Tijdsvector is niet min of meer dan een nieuwe genre in de Nederlandse Literatuur"

"Wieland is een rasverteller"

Germanist en criticus Luc Pay

Drs. Jacques P. Potuijt (Nederland)

“Werner Wieland combineert humor met levenswijsheid in zijn unieke dichtkunst.  In deze saaie wereld heeft Wieland het middel gevonden amusant te zijn.  Hij is zonder twijfel op het ogenblik onze pittigste en prettigste literaire gestalte”, 

Lezers Eliane Verdijck en Julien Roosens

"Werner Wieland's verzen zijn verslavend"

Germanist Fons Raeymakers

"Werner Wieland verrast steeds met unieke invalshoeken" 

"Wielands Verovering van Nerdeland is hilarisch, rijk in taal"

Prof.wim Moesen, KU Leuven

Wieland is bijtende ironie

Dorrance Publishing

“Onbegrijpelijk dat deze briljante schrijver nog geen Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren ontving !”

Trouwe lezer Luc Van Cauwenbergh

“I read Werner Wieland’s Frankensturm all in one go.  I could not put the book down.


I loved the concept and how it is written with the interesting descriptive introductions and with the reader's engagement.  


On  the one hand it is very futuristic, dealing with bioengineering, biochemistry and cloning. On the other hand it is going back to the classical roots, like the Roman labyrinths and ruins under the 23rd century village Suls-Maria, a remote Swiss village where the novel takes place.


 I very much enjoyed the geo-political, economics, philosophical, humanity questions and religious, all together the ethical questions, which had been exposed during the whole story.

Like : talking about the erased religions, and talking about the master-creator, Friedrich Frankensturm,, who plays God in the name of helping humanity, like renewing the Men,  while the clones are treated worse than livestock. 


Also I found the society structure very interesting, even though we are in 2300 based on the book, male inheritance is still an existing case in Frankensturn's mind. The futuristic setting is actually cleverly brought back home to our time.


The entire story is fascinating and pushes all the boundaries and daily questions even in our generation. When and how we can use technology ? What are global morals?  Does anyone have a right to use humans, even though they are clones based on functional parts ?


Although the story raises questions related to cloning, I see a parallel with today's very current topic as machine learning and artificial intelligence."

Review van Frankensturm door Bogi Timar, kunstspecialist bij Sybil Art, 2022